Online Coaching

 6 week program | $125.00

When signing up with MJM fitness for online training you will begin a 6-week journey, designed personally allow you to reach your goals. 

First step to begin the process is having a meeting via Skype or on the phone to discuss your current life style, habits and goals. 

Second step would be MJM fitness designing a program, which will include the following

·      3 - 6 mobile friendly work outs to be preformed every week for the next 6 weeks

·      Daily engagement, encouragement and support

·      Weekly live chat 

at the end of the program we measure your progress, reassess, and then design the next 6 weeks. 


Nutritional Programing Package

6 week meal plan | $200.00

First step to begin the program is having a meeting via Skype or on the phone to discuss your current life style, food preferences, likes, dislikes and goals. 

MJM fitness then designs a 6-week meal plan, which includes the following

·      3 meals a day and 2 snacks specially designed to insure your macro and micro requirements are met.

·      supplements and/or vitamins needed

·      daily engagement 

·      weekly live chat 


MJM fitness complete lifestyle take over called VITAILTY

VITAILTY: with this program choice you receive the complete package of a fitness program, nutrition program, and guidance on overall lifestyle choices. This option is for people who have major goals and need a complete lifestyle revamp. Think of this option as a "do over." With this program you will learn techniques in order to live a healthier lifestyle with long-term success. 

With our first conversation we will chat live but dig a bit deeper, we go over your overall mindset, your exercise, diet and sleep patterns. We then begin the next 6 weeks to teach you the techniques needed in order to live a healthy lifestyle and get you to where you want to be physically and your overall mindset.