Quick flow with Jason Furst

Techinique tip

Here's  a short clip of Jason and I having some fun in our hotel in Dubai, working through a Sir Namiscara Flow. When Jason and I were visiting Dubai, we made sure to stay active, when traveling is very easy to fall out of your regular routines of healthy eating,  working out and a regular sleep pattern, especially when you are traveling to a place where they are 8 hours ahead of you.  Every morning we would wake up and do some light stretching, an inversion or two (my favorite), flows and light meditation. If you have the time to start your day with some yoga or meditation, (i know most don't) try it out, it's a great way to start the day, allowing you to connect with your breath, create mindfulness to ones self and body, stimulate blood flow. It is even been proven that morning yoga has been proven to regular sleep rhythm and balance hormones.

If you do not have the time for a full-on yoga session, try out some light medication, just connect with your breath, big deep breath in of mindfulness and deep breathe out of negative self-talk.