MJM's Approach


Imagine standing on a small, square, wooden raft on a turbulent body of water, where you feel like you constantly have to shift you weight to keep your balance. This raft is your wellbeing, with each corner of the raft representing a cornerstone of vitality: nutrition, exercise, mindset, and sleep. The raging river is life – constantly sending waves and unexpected rapids your way as you try to stay balanced. To effectively navigate this river, you need to stay on your raft and maintain your footing. How to successfully execute this balancing act is the foundation of the MJM Fitness Philosophy.

 Vitality is achieved through understanding and controlling the physics and chemistry of your body. What you eat, how you move, when you sleep, and how you think will determine your physiological makeup. Diet and exercise are useless without a balance of rest and determination. At MJM Fitness, we not only provide you with personalized fitness regimens to meet physical goals and nutritional guidance on maintaining healthy physiology, but we provide tools and references to ensure that your mental and developmental habits optimize your training and wellness experience